How To Unlock iPhone 5C Devices 

Steps To Take To Prepare Your Phone For Unlocking

October 18, 2012 / by admin

Jailbreak and unlock are words that have become common these days thanks to the desperation shown by iPhone owners to get away from the restrictions that are imposed by Apple on their freedom. Inside US, iPhones are being sold through carriers that ask customers to sign a 1-2 year contract with them. This is a ploy that has worked wonders for the sale of iPhones as Apple makes available iPhones at very low prices through these contracts and recovers the rest of the price in monthly installments from the carrier. This is why carriers apply high tariffs and roaming charges on their customers.

Once a customer has signed a contract, he is obliged to pay the inflated bills for the duration of the contract but he need not remain stuck with the carrier after he has paid the price of the gadget. Apple has made an excellent smartphone in the shape of iPhone with features and performance that is unmatched. However, we still hear of unlock Apple iPhones with high number of searches made by iPhone owners to get a tool to unlock their devices. But before moving ahead, it is pertinent to know a little bit about the process of unlocking.

What is unlock Apple iPhones and how is it done
IPhone is a CDMA phone. This means that once you have bought it, you have to make use of the SIM that it comes fitted with. You have no liberty to take out this SIM and insert the SIM of the carrier of your choice. In fact, if you try to do so, the phone stops working. To make an iPhone work with the SIM you want, you need to go for unlock Apple iPhones. And what does unlocking mean?

It simply means you should get the restrictions imposed by Apple on the software of the phone removed. This requires making changes in the iOS which is a process that is hated by Apple. After all, if a customer starts using the SIM of any other carrier, he is obviously free from the clutches of the company and no longer provides any profit to the company.

Sensing the desperation among the owners of iPhones, many companies have sprung up on the internet claiming to have expertise in providing unlocking services. While some of these are owned by hackers and developers, others are nothing but scams trying to dupe iPhone owners in a bid to make a quick buck.

Why is unlocking your phone so special?
As more and more customers opted for unlock moving away from the fold of the company, Apple decided to make the task of the hackers tougher. It added a new A5 chipset along the processor of iPhone that makes tweaking iOS very difficult. There have been statements in the press made by hackers expressing their inability to achieve a breakthrough in unlocking it. However, there is nothing to lose heart if you want to unlock the iPhone as there are still many ways to achieve the desired result. But knowing that there is no universal solution to the problem of unlocked iPhones, you should not jump on to just any tool thinking it would work on your device.

Here is a tutorial explaining how to achieve unlock for your iPhone using a tool from the internet.

Step 1: Install Cydia as a source of app on your phone by visiting the website of SAM
Step 2: Get inside the software by tapping on the icon on the home screen
Step 3: You are asked to click on manage
Step 4: Get inside sources and click edit to be able to add a source
Step 5: add the URL of repo binger by typing the address
Step 6: Now choose this URL to get to SAM
Step 7: Install the firmware
Step 8: Switch off the phone and insert the new SIM after rebooting
Step 9: Got to SAM and try to reactivate the iPhone
Step 10: Wait until you see the signal bars of the new carrier
Step 11: Try making a call
Step 12: If you can make the call, your phone is unlocked

iPhone Unlocking is difficult but not impossible. However, it pays to be patient if you do not want to suffer the fate of those unfortunate ones who got their devices damaged as they tried to use phony tools. Use a tool only after you are sure of its efficacy and the reputation of other company.

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