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There Are Many Reasons People Start Jailbreaking Iphone

October 27, 2012 / by admin

The popularity of jailbreaking iPhone has steadily grown since the first time it was enacted in 2007 after the release of the original iPhone, the smart phone and mobile device that started it all.

What is Jailbreaking?

Jailbreaking is the process of modifying your iPhone so that you can install third party apps and other content that otherwise would not have been available to you; usually you will be required to download jailbreaking iphone software directly to your mobile device.

Jailbreaking is Easy

Jailbreaking is not as hard as people think and is not strictly for those who are technical wizards. Anyone can jailbreak their iPhone or iPod with the right resources.

Jailbreaking resources

Jailbreaking iPhone can be a veritable breeze, if you know where to find the right learning aides. There are many tutorials on how to jailbreak your iPhone and they clearly outline step by step instruction on how to jailbreak your iPhone mobile device.
If you are a textually driven person then there are written tutorials that teach you how to jailbreak your iPhone and if you are more into interactive means of learning, then there are video tutorials.

A tutorial will usually be accompanied by pictures and a link to where you may download the needed jailbreaking software.

Why Jailbreak?

If you jailbreak your iPhone then you are essentially lifting all previous limitations it may have had as a result of Apple terms and conditions. You will have both ultimate control and freedom and it is absolutely 100% legal and there are features that come with jailbreaking that make it all the more desirable.

Benefits and Features

One of the main benefits and features that come with jailbreaking is access to the Cydia installer. The Cydia installer will then install the Cydia App store on your device and you can begin full customization of your iPhone.

Cydia allows you to install certain apps that perform device tweaks so that you can do things like use whatever browser you want. You no longer are forced to use Safari. You can change the way you flip the pages on your screen. You can create custom gestures that control certain actions on your device. You can text directly from a message notification. You can change the theme to anything you want.

You can also turn off the lock feature, so that you do not have to constantly enter your passcode. You can play songs on your device straight from the internet. You can add pictures. You can change the font that you use. You can directly download videos from your favorite websites. You can send and receive files via the use of Bluetooth technology. You can move things around to your own liking. You can play nearly any kind of video format.

Jailbreaking really does make anything possible and if you spent so much money on the iPhone. Don’t you deserve the option of doing just about anything with it? Jailbreaking provides that option to people who want more freedom.

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